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The Digital Workplace Explained

Have you heard about the digital workplace? 

While the terminology may be new, the experience it describes is not. Put simply, the digital workplace is the collection of technology people use to perform their work.

Some say a digital workplace is just a new name for an intranet. We disagree. At Ideal State, we see the digital workplace as a collection of tools falling into three main categories:

  • Community & Collaboration - how people connect, learn and work better together
  • Content Management - how meaningful content is produced, discovered and used
  • Data & Information Management - how data are transformed into useful, accessible information

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The different components that make up the digital workplace must be designed around the needs of end users. Bringing human-centered design to the digital workplace leads to amazing user experience, happier employees and partners, and major productivity gains. Not to mention a massive reduction in IT waste.

Want a more in-depth answer? 

Read more about the digital workplace and discover why it should be at the center of every modern organization’s digital transformation.