Modern Workplace Accelerator™
For Nonprofits

The power of AI is coming to Microsoft 365.
Is your nonprofit ready?


Ideal State’s Modern Workplace Accelerator™ will help your organization strategically and securely prepare for AI in Microsoft 365 in ways that benefit the entire organization.

New AI-powered capabilities are showing up in the apps your employees use every day, so rapid action is required.

Our workshops bring together your most important stakeholders over one or more days to help the organization rapidly understand and plan for the coming wave of AI in Microsoft 365.

"Ideal State’s depth of expertise and collaborative approach, combined with their firsthand understanding of how nonprofits operate, provided us with a roadmap to a new way of working."

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A Modular Workshop Series, Tailored To Your Needs

Modern Workplace Accelerator™ workshops can be offered virtually or onsite, in the timeframe and sequence that works best.
Ideal State will work with you and your stakeholders to design the perfect fit.

Imagining The Future icon

Imagining The Future

Go on a guided tour of the most important new AI capabilities coming to Microsoft 365 while helping stakeholders develop a shared vision for the future.

Turning Content Into Knowledge

Turning Content Into Knowledge

Go on a guided tour of the most important new AI capabilities coming to Microsoft 365 while stakeholders work together to develop a shared vision for the future.

Strengthening Connection & Collaboration icon

Strengthening Connection & Collaboration

Explore the new suite of Microsoft employee experience apps and see how AI can bring people closer together in the new world of hybrid and remote work.

Simplifying Data Protection icon

Simplifying Data Protection

Harness the new AI capabilities of Microsoft security and compliance solutions to put your data governance policies into practice.

Every Modern Workplace Accelerator™ workshop is an opportunity for stakeholders from across the organization to discover the art of the possible and develop sound strategies for the road ahead.


I haven’t had time to wrap my head around AI and what it means for us. I need someone to come in and help us figure out how to engage with it in ways that are useful, but not overly disruptive.


Workshop 1: Imagining The Future

As the foundational workshop in the series, this session will introduce participants to some of the most important new AI-powered capabilities coming to Microsoft 365 while engaging them in a guided conversation about how to put these tools to best use. Participants will leave energized and inspired about the future, while having a practical, shared vision for how your nonprofit can derive maximum benefit.

Tools Covered: Teams, SharePoint, Syntex/SharePoint Premium, Viva Connections, Viva Engage (formerly Yammer), Viva Learning, Copilot, Loop, Purview, and more


Workshop 2: Turning Content Into Knowledge

The new knowledge management capabilities in Microsoft 365 have the potential to be truly transformative. From automated metadata creation and document translation to the auto-curation and summarization of content related to topics of importance, nonprofits of all sizes stand to benefit. But as powerful as these tools are, a clear strategy for their configuration and deployment is critical. Dive into the current state of your data and information to determine how, and how much, these new capabilities can be put to use inside your organization.

Tools Covered: Teams, SharePoint, Syntex/SharePoint Premium, Copilot for Microsoft 365


Workshop 3: Strengthening Connection & Collaboration

With hybrid work on the rise, technology’s role in bringing us closer together has never been more critical. Assess challenges with staff communication and collaboration and explore how Microsoft 365 + AI can make the world of people and information more accessible and relevant. See these new capabilities in action and in context while engaging stakeholders in discussions around how they could be put to best use for your nonprofit. Regardless of your stage of Microsoft 365 adoption, this session will position your organization to take full advantage of this rapidly evolving, highly adaptable toolset.

Tools Covered: Teams, Viva Connections, Viva Engage, Viva Amplify, Viva Learning


Workshop 4: Simplifying Data Protection

Microsoft now provides a powerful way to centrally manage everything from insider risk and data loss prevention to document retention and sensitivity labeling, all using AI-generated analysis. Rapidly develop a plan for how your nonprofit’s data security and compliance needs can take advantage of the latest capabilities within the new Microsoft Purview. Design a future that frees up IT resources while helping all employees become active partners in securing your organization’s data.

Tools Covered: Purview Risk and Compliance Solutions

Everyone here is talking about AI but there is very little understanding of it. We need to start a real conversation about how AI will impact our organization and what we need to do to prepare.

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