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Digital Transformation Advisor Playbook.

As your digital transformation project evolves, you may find the journey has many twists and turns. So how do you ensure you stay on the right path?

Using digital strategy as your North Star, developing a digital transformation roadmap will help you stay on track by providing strategic direction through the technology selection, configuration, and deployment processes. This roadmap will outline the steps for finding your digital strategy, and will guide you through building an effective, cohesive digital ecosystem.

The Digital Roadmap Defined

A digital transformation roadmap is a guiding document that establishes your vision for digital transformation. As a high-level plan for achieving these goals, this resource should be developed at the beginning of your process. This strategic guide is the capstone to the discovery and design phases, and will be a key reference as you implement digital solutions in the coming months and years. A digital transformation roadmap is not a detailed project plan, but it will outline your critical path to success.

Your roadmap should include the following:

  • Case for digital transformation: Why is digital transformation necessary for your company? How does it align with your organizational strategy?
  • End state: What are your defined goals and objectives?
  • Strategy: What is your approach to this change initiative? Will there be a big rollout? Or agile, incremental changes?
  • Key activities: What are the major steps for this process? Are there any required sequencing or dependencies?
  • Success indicators: How will you measure the success of various milestones? How will you know if you are on track?
  • Resources: What are the personnel and budgetary requirements?


Add Value Throughout the Project Lifecycle

A digital transformation roadmap is an essential resource during project planning, start-up, and even months or years into implementation. Use it as a tool to gain buy-in from the start, and as a guide to stay on track along the way.


The roadmap can be used to secure executive support for the overall digital transformation goals and confirm your resource commitments. It can also be a helpful change management tool, ensuring leadership and staff have a shared vision for what success will look like. If your organization has had unsuccessful change initiatives in the past, this document can reassure staff that there is a master plan, as well as executive buy-in.


By outlining a critical path to success from the start, you can prioritize key activities, deliver value as you go, and prioritize digital investments with the greatest ROI for your organization.

As you select digital solutions, refer to the roadmap to help you focus on what you set out to achieve. Remember, each element of the digital workplace works together to create an integrated, balanced whole. Instead of chasing the ‘latest thing’ or being swayed by a vendor’s newest shiny tool, first consider how it will fit into your digital ecosystem.

Later Phases

Once you start rolling out your digital solutions, or even kickstarting Phases 2 or 3 of the process, your roadmap will be a helpful guide to ensure you’ve stayed the course. Detailed activities might change, but are you still successfully moving toward your goals?

If other organizational priorities arise, use your roadmap to determine how they impact your digital transformation journey. If you have to make tough decisions, your roadmap can help you make informed decisions on which to prioritize and support your digital strategy.

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