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Ideal State consultants provide expertise and capacity when and where you need it most. We right-size every engagement and leave you well-equipped to tackle the road ahead.


The Road to Digital Transformation Is Built With People and Processes

Ideal State's digital transformation consulting services help organizations advance the state of their technology by starting with what matters most: people and processes.

We start every digital transformation consulting engagement by listening. During the discovery phase, we engage with and learn from those who will be at the front lines of the envisioned transformation. Your employees, customers, partners, or all of the above.

Once we have established a clear call to action, we will work with you to build a multi-year digital transformation strategy and roadmap grounded in your organization's strategic objectives and fully aligned with your capabilities and constraints. 

“Ideal State has been a fantastic partner from discovery through launch, acting as an extension of my team and providing top-notch project oversight.”

Chad Sutton, Director of IT


Our Services

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Digital Transformation Roadmap

Every journey begins with discovery. Develop a deep understanding of needs across people, process, and technology and chart a path toward rapid improvement.

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Based on this human-centered discovery process, we'll work together to produce a multi-year digital transformation roadmap that solidifies a shared vision for the future, along with the tactical planning needed to get the job done.


• Discovery Findings Report

• IT Systems Inventory

• Visual IT Systems Map (Current and Future-State)

• Technology Recommendations

• Multi-Year Digital Transformation Roadmap


Approx. Duration: 12-16 weeks


Technology Selection

Selecting the right technology to support key business processes is critical. Your choice will have massive downstream impacts on employee happiness and your bottom line. We can help you get it right the first time.

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We'll run a methodical, data-driven technology selection for your new system(s) based on comprehensive user stories and requirements. Along the way, we’ll meaningfully involve stakeholders. The result is a technology selection that you and your colleagues can move forward with confidently.


• User Stories and Requirements

• Vendor Landscape Review

• Vetted Finalist List

• Facilitated Stakeholder Review 

• Technology Recommendation


Approx. Duration: 10-12 weeks


Change Management

Digital transformation is disruptive by nature. Managing this change effectively at every stage will secure stakeholder buy-in and adoption of new ways of working.

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We will develop a change management plan aligned with your organizational culture that includes change objectives, a targeted communications plan, and guidance on engaging champions. We'll also provide key messaging and copy templates that can be used across all communication channels. You'll have everything you need to secure widespread support at every project stage.  


• Comprehensive change management plan

• Up to 20 change communications templates

• Up to 5 tailored support materials


Duration: 6 weeks



Our participatory workshops generate high levels of engagement and collaboration at any project stage. Select from our standard offerings or design your own.

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Workshops are a great way to get everyone involved and excited about the work underway. Our standard offerings cover every project stage. Pre-project exploration, future-state visioning, system design, launch planning. Whatever the need, we have a workshop to suit. Let's co-design something spectacular.


• Facilitate Virtual or In-Person Workshop

• Workshop Activity Report

• Workshop Findings Synthesis and Recommendations


Duration: half-day, full-day, multi-day

Services for Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 Optimization and Adoption 

We help your organization harness the full power of your Microsoft 365 licenses, with a special focus on SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.

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Our unique approach helps your organization maximize the value you get from your Microsoft investment by ensuring a thorough understanding of your needs, a strategic optimization of your tools, a seamless roll-out, and robust training and support.


• Discovery Findings Report

• Optimization Strategy

• Change Management Plan

• Training and Support


Approx. Duration: 3 months


SharePoint Modern Intranets

Ideal State’s experience combined with the capabilities of MS SharePoint Premium present an exciting opportunity to create a state-of-the-art SharePoint intranet that will vastly improve the state of internal communication, collaboration, and information-sharing among employees. 

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Leveraging the advanced capabilities of SharePoint for intranets, this initiative focuses on empowering your workforce and enhancing your content. By collaborating closely with each content-publishing group, we tailor our approach to cover every phase of the content lifecycle, ensuring the material remains up-to-date and customized for your audience.


• Discovery Findings Report

• Intranet Strategy Brief

• Content Plan

• Governance Plan 

• Design Specification (includes site map, page and content templates)

• Change Management Plan 


Approx. Duration: 4-6 months


Knowledge Management, Content, and AI

Our Knowledge Management (KM) Strategy and Implementation service will enable you to use Microsoft 365 tools to develop a robust knowledge management practice within your organization.

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Our services guide you through the entire content lifecycle, from initial capture and organization to sharing your knowledge using the right Microsoft tools. We’ll also demonstrate how to optimize these tools to cultivate an environment of perpetual learning and teamwork.

By tapping into the powerful features of SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and other tools, we help you create a living knowledge ecosystem where information is easily accessible, enhancing decision-making and driving innovation.


• Discovery Findings Report

• KM Strategy and Roadmap

• Technology Support Plan

• Change Management Plan


Duration: 4-6 months


Modern Workplace Accelerator Workshops

The power of AI is coming to Microsoft 365. Is your nonprofit ready? Ideal State’s Modern Workplace Accelerator™ workshops will help your organization prepare for the impact of AI strategically, securely, and in ways that benefit everyone in your organization

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Our workshops will bring together your most important stakeholders over the course of one or more days to help them fully understand the impact of AI in the workplace and plan for the future.

This workshop series is modular and can be configured to your needs.


Workshop 1: Imagining The Future 

Workshop 2: Turning Content Into Knowledge 

Workshop 3: Strengthening Connection & Collaboration 

Workshop 4: Simplifying Data Protection 

Duration: one day or multi-day

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