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Our Story

Ideal State was founded on the belief that people working to make the world a better place shouldn’t be held back by their technology. Every hour of lost productivity or dollar wasted on poorly performing IT systems represents a drain on scarce resources for doing good.

Co-founders Sara Teitelman and Jeremy Nurse set out to address this challenge by helping NGOs, grantmakers, and others make sense of the increasingly complex enterprise technology landscape. In 2014, they launched Ideal State as a full-service consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations engaged in social good succeed in their digital transformation journey.

About Our Name

When we begin our work with a client, we listen to people throughout the organization to gain a clear understanding of their current state. From there, we use methods like design thinking to co-create a vision of the future where all pain points have been addressed and technology is fully supporting and enhancing the work of the organization.

We call this future-state vision the ideal state. So it seemed fitting to adopt it as our company name. It’s what we help our clients achieve!

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Sara Teitelman, MPH

Sara began her career as an international health professional. After earning a degree in public

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Sara Teitelman, MPH

Sara began her career as an international health professional. After earning a degree in public health from the University of Washington, her work focused on strengthening efforts to prevent and treat HIV, TB and malaria in developing countries through research, documentation and training.

During her time at high-profile organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Sara realized that dispersed networks of staff around the world were struggling to keep up with the latest research and implementation discoveries both in and outside of the organization. The cost of this lost knowledge was enormous in terms of missed opportunities for lifesaving breakthroughs as well as diminishing staff morale.

Determined to leverage the best thinking and latest technology to tackle this challenge, she soon discovered the practice of knowledge management (KM) and became a certified KM practitioner. She went on to lead highly successful KM initiatives focused on helping organizations amplify the impact of their work with partners and beneficiaries.

At Ideal State, Sara blends practices from knowledge management, change management and design thinking to bring a fresh, non-IT perspective to even the most technology-heavy projects. Her deep experience in the nonprofit sector helps her understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by her clients.

Outside of work, Sara enjoys spending time in the great outdoors together with her husband, daughter, and two very lucky dogs.

Jeremy Nurse

Jeremy started his career in 1995 at Forrester Research, where he honed his skills in understanding

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Jeremy Nurse

Jeremy started his career in 1995 at Forrester Research, where he honed his skills in understanding how technology can help organizations achieve their business goals. Since then he has led dozens of large-scale enterprise technology projects for diverse organizations, including the Veterans Administration (VA), Blue Cross Blue Shield, Children’s Medical Center and Nationwide Insurance.

Jeremy’s experience with technology platform strategy goes back to the late 1990s. Among those early experiences was a project for Ford Motor Company developing the strategy for a corporate intranet and extranet that would connect Ford’s manufacturing, dealers and customers—a groundbreaking idea at that time.

During the years that followed, Jeremy led multiple large-scale ERP, CRM and web technology implementations—providing strategic advice on platform selection and integration, and leading software development teams. These projects included leading web CMS implementations for the Nationwide Insurance and Children’s Medical Center websites and supporting strategy design and execution for the VA’s $4.3 billion annual technology budget.

At Ideal State, Jeremy advises clients on platform strategy and system integration for today’s mixed hosted and cloud environments. He is keenly attuned to the latest developments and important distinctions between leading software platforms and brings a wealth of practical experience to guide organizations in making the best technology decisions. Jeremy is also highly skilled at leading software development teams to skillfully and cost-effectively implement and customize technology solutions for Ideal State clients.

When he’s not working, Jeremy can be found on a mountain bike, a pair of skis, or practicing his newest hobby, archery.